AIC International School 2012 & 10th Paolo Giordano Orsini School

Location: The School took place at Hotel ADIGE (Trento - Italy) from 15 to 20 September 2012.

Topics: X-ray Powder Diffraction, Structural Solution and Refinement, Line Profile Analysis, Quantitative Phase Analysis, Electron Diffraction and Precession Techniques

Speakers: C. Giacovazzo, P. Fornasini, R. Berisio, J. Evans, I.R. Evans, R. Rizzi, A.F. Gualtieri, G. Artioli, M. Leoni, P. Scardi, M. Milanesio, M. Gemmi, S. Gialanella, I. Lonardelli

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Lecture Notes

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Paolo Fornasini Matter-radiation interaction
Rita Berisio Introduction to crystallography: symmetries, lattices, reciprocal spaces
Carmelo Giacovazzo Symmetry in reciprocal space
Carmelo Giacovazzo Direct Methods
Carmelo Giacovazzo The VLD algorithm
Gilberto Artioli Powder diffraction
Anna Moliterni Indexing methods and applications to powder diffraction data
Rosanna Rizzi Space Group determination and crystal structure solution in reciprocal and direct space
Rosanna Rizzi Ab-initio Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction data via the EXPO program
John S.O. Evans Introduction to Rietveld Refinement
Alessandro Gualtieri Quantitative phase analysis using X-ray powder diffraction
Gilberto Artioli Powder diffraction applications: high temperature
Gilberto Artioli Powder diffraction applications: cultural heritage
Paolo Scardi Line Profile Analysis
Matteo Leoni Whole Powder Pattern Modelling
Stefano Gialanella Diffraction Methods in Electron Microscopy Overview
Mauro Gemmi Structure solution with electron diffraction: the precession technique and the diffraction tomography
Mauro Gemmi Texture analysis and orientation mapping in a TEM